Jubilee Ride North Meeting

Jubilee Ride North Meeting

The Jubilee Ride North is a Motorcycle Ride and Adventure Trip that seeks to raise funds to establish an Educational Endowment Fund to sponsor needy but deserving students through secondary and tertiary education, through the Jubilee Scholarship Fund that was established in 2008 by the Nairobi Chapel.

Over the past 7 years, over 500 students have been educated through the fund. Our goal is to take a total of 1,000 needy students through the program by the year 2020. In the Year 2013, seven passionate motorcyclists rode from Nairobi to Cape Town to raise funds to take 50 Students through high school. Having successfully done so; the team will now ride from Nairobi (through Ethiopia, Djibouti and Sudan) to Cairo, Egypt in December 2016 to establish the Jubilee Educational Endowment Fund.

If you signed up to be part of either the Jubilee Ride 2013/2016 or are interested in this exciting, life transforming adventure; we invite you to The Jubilee Ride 2016 Vision Meeting on Saturday,19th March 2016 from 7.00am to 9:45am at the Nairobi Chapel, Ngong Road (Blitz Tent). We will give you an overview of the entire ride and adventure and how you can be involved.

Have a look at a brief YouTube video of the Jubilee Ride South 2013:

03/19/2016 - 09:45
Nairobi Chapel